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Few IT advances have had the impact on server utilization and data centers as Virtualization.  The benefits are numerous, the efficiencies much needed, and the impact on replication and business continuity allows data centers to support modern business needs of social networking sites and cloud technologies, among other possibilities.

Many enterprises are now partially virtualized, and continuing their virtualization journey to Cloud. If you are responsible for a datacenter with service-level commitments requiring scalability, high availability and optimum performance, then you require a virtualization strategy.

With years of experience, certifications and partnerships with world leaders like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, VMware and Microsoft, Comport provides best-in-class virtualization strategies built on an efficient and secure foundation.


  • Server Virtualization
  • Client Virtualization. Any Desktop Confusion?
  • VMware & Hyper-V
  • Converged Cloud Infrastructure
  • Server virtualization has been a game-changer for IT, delivering meaningful efficiencies and capabilities that were simply not achievable before.  Some virtualized organizations, after making great progress, may have stalled a bit at less than a 100% virtualized data center.

    Comport can help plan and accelerate your virtualization projects. Server virtualization—when combined with a solid storage platform—can actually increase the agility, reliability, and scalability of Tier-1 applications.  By virtualizing your servers and abstracting the physical hardware, you are also becoming cloud-ready.  Regardless of your virtualization stage, we can help you achieve the cost and efficiency benefits that are out there waiting.

    Our virtualization strategies take advantage of:

    Efficiency:  Accessing resources as needed allows a reduction in idle time for processors, right-sizing high-speed memory to avoid contingent-capacity, shared high-speed networking and other shared server resources.

    Replication:  A virtualized environment supports high availability and business continuity by allowing servers to seamlessly fail-over to diverse nodes.

    Go “Green”:  Sharing power among virtual servers reduces electric costs, the “carbon footprint” of your data center, reduction in cooling needs, both at the hardware level and data center level and reduces the size and rack requirements of your data center.

    Rapid Provisioning:  New servers can be built and prepared for production use in a matter of minutes, saving one of your most valuable resources – the time of your technical team.

    Improved Security:  Reducing the number of physical devices to protect and centralizing servers for better audit logging, policy administration and support models improves IT security.  Modern solutions demand optimal security, and the most robust audit tools and report logging available.

  • It’s clear that today’s workers need flexibility. Many organizations are downsizing office space, and employees work from home.  “Bring Your Own Device” is appealing.  The mobile workforce is working from secure and unsecure locations around the globe.  Bottom line:  the desktop is no longer the primary workstation in the office that it once was.  Instead, a new and confusing desktop world is emerging.

    Client virtualization provides a comprehensive desktop replacement strategy. However, it goes well beyond that by addressing the key challenges that the traditional PC environment is not well equipped to solve – enabling central control of applications installed on personal devices.  Today, securing data is of paramount importance.  Without planning, the door is open to data breaches, identity theft or privacy violations.  An end-user’s ability to download sensitive data to local storage or removable media are threats that cannot be tolerated.

    Comport and our partners will help you stay in control and create a flexible, secure work environment.  If you are considering a VDI or BYOD strategy, Comport will help you develop a plan that addresses major risk factors and creates the flexible desktop environment that meets today’s work demands.

  • Comport has invested heavily in the major virtualization technologies, VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V, as capabilities have grown. As both a VMware Enterprise Partner with over 100 installations and a Microsoft Partner, Comport’s experience will help you design and implement a solid foundation on which to build additional virtualization and Cloud.

    Comport can help navigate virtualization trends and choices. If you plan to explore VMware or Hyper-V as your virtualization solution, let’s have a conversation soon.  We can help.

  • The good news is that your investment in virtualization pays off again, when you move to Cloud. As an Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cloud Center of Excellence with certified Gold Cloud Builders on staff, Comport has solid customer experience planning and implementing various Clouds. We can help you plan and make choices. Rated by Forrester as the industry leader in hybrid and private cloud, the top ranking of HPE demonstrates a significant investment in innovation that builds a solid foundation for the future:

    • Open, standards-based technology with no vendor lock-in.
    • A common architecture across private, managed, and public cloud, so rework is unnecessary.
    • Multi-platform, multi-hypervisor.
    • Consistent security and reliability levels across all delivery platforms.

    Convergence brings everything together: server, storage, networking and management – resulting in interoperability that utilizes common resource pools based on a common platform. Successful convergence – handling any workload at any scale and automation of IT functions – delivers greater efficiencies, agility and innovation coupled with reduced complexity and lower costs.

    • Enterprise-Grade Reliability:  Rigorous configuration and firmware testing.
    • Enhanced Customer Experience: A system designed, purchased and managed as one.
    • Instant Scalability:  Non-disruptive growth.
    • Easy Integration: Easily integrate with your existing environment.