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Cloud computing is irresistible. Cloud computing can automate provisioning, self-service, lifecycle management, chargebacks, compliance, accelerate development cycles, manage “shadow IT” and cut IT costs. Automating repeatable processes frees IT staff to operate at a more strategic level with the business. Ultimately, IT becomes a service-oriented organization, a broker quickly delivering reliable services to the business at a competitive price.

Comport is one of the most experienced Cloud partners and can help wherever you are in your cloud journey. We are a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cloud Super-Charge Partner, Platinum Converged Infrastructure Specialist, and our technical staff includes certified Gold Cloud Builder Specialists.

Find Your ‘Right Mix’ of Public and Private Cloud

We believe that most organizations will have a hybrid cloud, both public and private.  Our CloudGenera service helps you find your “Right Mix” strategy of public and private cloud for each workload in minutes, with up-to-date comparative data on cost, compliance, and SLA’s.

New IT Consumption Models

HPE’s Flexible Capacity is a pay-as-you-go approach to acquiring technology.  Enjoy the ability to expand or shrink costs based on usage, paying only for what you use, with no large upfront capital expense. Every client should understand that this option is available.


  • Private Cloud
  • Public Cloud
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Automation & Orchestration
  • Eucalyptus/AWS
  • The Next Logical Step

    For many, Private Cloud can be the logical step after standardization and virtualization.  Comport invested heavily in Cloud, as an Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Converged Infrastructure Specialist, Cloud Center of Excellence, and a certified Gold Cloud Builder specialist. As a result, Comport has the expertise and experience to design, build, and implement your private cloud infrastructure.

    Recognized as the sole “Industry Leader” in Forrester’s Wave for Private Cloud study,  Hewlett Packard Enterprise platforms are the industry’s most respected complete, open, and integrated solution for building and operating Clouds.

    We work with you to define your Cloud goals and to achieve them:

    • Accelerate business processes.
    • Deliver reliable, repeatable services to your users.
    • Develop self-service and on-demand access to IT services with full command of compliance and security issues.
    • Accelerate innovation, application development, responsiveness.
    • Reduce time-to-revenue.
    • Reduce IT costs.
    • Become a highly-automated Service Broker.

    The driver for Cloud is efficient, reliable IT automation.  Our solutions excel in openness and play nicely with your existing virtualization and infrastructure investments.  You can build and manage services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments.

    When Clouds are in your future, there is no better partner than Comport.

  • Do you need a cloud mix that includes Public Cloud?  Comport will help you plan the strategy and use cases.

    We have tools to define the right mix and costs for your various workloads.

    The advantages are compelling.  An on-demand, pay-as-you-go shared service that enables you to simultaneously leverage applications and technology with significant reductions in operating costs.

    Although many enterprises stay clear of the public cloud—because of potential data breaches—others selectively take advantage of its benefits for functions and services that represent low-risk to their business.

    Many organizations will benefit from the right mix of public and private/hybrid cloud. Good news!  HP’s private cloud is open source – no rip and replace to encompass your existing IT investment.  It is equally easy to include public cloud.  Comport will help you plan your cloud vision and implementation.  Our team of specialists works with you to identify use cases with the best ROI.  Cloud is straightforward and quite beneficial to automate routine IT tasks with this approach.

    If the public route is part of your Cloud mix, count on Comport to take you there.

  • The Best of all Worlds

    For most, Cloud will be a part of a strategy that combines traditional IT with private and public Cloud elements. Comport is heavily vested in helping enterprises, like yours, gain greater agility, simplify management, and accelerate deployment time.  We will help you understand how to combine your private, managed, and public clouds with your traditional IT infrastructure, and deploy the world’s most comprehensive hybrid cloud delivery strategy and solutions portfolio.

    Our solutions feature a common architecture across private, managed, and public clouds, are based on standards, and built on the finest cloud technology that exists today per the prestigious Forrester Wave Report – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Converged Cloud:

    • Design once to play often.
    • Multi-platform, multi-hypervisor HPE cloud solutions with open, standards-based technology – no vendor lock-in.
    • The right security and reliability levels across all delivery platforms.

    See how you can readily adapt to change and start doing business on your own terms.  We provide a holistic, simplified approach for deploying, securing and managing workloads—across the entire range of hybrid delivery models.  With Comport, you will reap the benefits of Cloud and experience a confident, smooth, successful cloud journey.


  • Many enterprise IT organizations are changing their mission from being a provider of IT services to being a broker of IT services.  Automating IT operations today can lead to a smooth transition. The real heroes of Cloud success are the highest-quality orchestration and automation tools.  These tools are the means to automated, repeatable IT processes that increase speed and efficiency by 50% or more, enable end-users, and cut costs and errors.  Automation and orchestration are the means to achieve:

    • Provisioning systems for websites and databases.
    • Self-service request fulfillment.
    • Compliance controls.
    • Fixing event-driven issues in an orderly sequence.
    • Lifecycle management.
    • Billing and chargeback.

    A discussion of this topic with Comport is quite worthwhile.  We can discuss a 3-step approach starting with automating tasks, then IT processes, and eventually service delivery. You will learn that Hewlett Packard Enterprise tools excel in openness, and are compatible with all other hardware and applications.

    This enables deep automation, even with SAP, Oracle and other critical applications, to facilitate end-to-end provisioning. You will also learn that you can avoid doubling the number of management tools for Cloud services, and instead manage across both your traditional IT and Cloud environments for automation, orchestration, security, performance management and financial management tools.

    Automation is the core enabler of Cloud. At Comport, we will help you get the right tools to enable the deepest levels of automation. We hear that “Cloud without automation is hallucination.” Something to think about.

  • HPE Helion Eucalyptus allows you to stand up a private cloud with all the functionality of Amazon Web Services (AWS), in your own datacenter.  Eucalyptus integration is the best of both worlds:  users retain private cloud-level data and application security, while using public clouds to quickly scale resources up and down as needed for applications not requiring on-site data security and compliance.  Every enterprise can easily implement their “Right Mix” of public and private cloud.

    Eucalyptus supports AWS  tools and uses AWS APIs, so users can move public cloud workloads to private cloud without changing applications, policies or code.

    Eucalyptus isolates sensitive data in Eucalyptus rather than AWS. So while the user may be talking to AWS, it is AWS that is talking to Eucalyptus. The user need not directly interact with Eucalyptus, which keeps critical data and apps protected – an important layer of protection as mobility and security breaches become more prolific.