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Mission Critical Computing

Uber-reliable sums up the real job of mission critical computing. “Mission Critical” is now used to describe both applications that would cause the company to fail, as well as those that cause extreme inconvenience. Many companies have expanded the number and types of applications they consider “mission-critical,” as we rely more and more on technology in our daily activities.  The cost of outages in our digital world has increased exponentially, while the amount of delay users can tolerate has decreased significantly.

At Comport, we think that downtime and slow response simply isn’t an option for many enterprises today.  Our infrastructure solutions support patient care, foreign exchange trades, online retailers, hedge funds and more.  We architect to proactively help you avoid risks. We’ll help you strategize, design, build, deploy and support mission critical solutions that deliver long-term value and IT stability for your business.

We work with HPE Integrity servers, UNIX, LINUX, Open VMS, Mission Critical Microsoft and VMware.  Looking ahead, our solutions are designed for today and tomorrow; helping you to anticipate and manage current and future enterprise demands.

Expect the best, and know you are also well-prepared for the unexpected. That’s critical. So it’s our mission for you.

  • UNIX
  • OpenVMS
  • Mission Critical Microsoft Products
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise CloudSystem with HPE-UX is the perfect UNIX ® platform for your private cloud and (IaaS) mission-critical environments. It delivers everything — security, resiliency and robustness — needed to meet all your mission-critical requirements. These mission-critical capabilities integrate with CloudSystem automated infrastructure orchestration and virtualization management to:

    • Provision infrastructure and applications in minutes not months.
    • Achieve total cost of ownership savings of up to 56%.
    • Meet mission-critical SLAs.

    HPE ServiceGuard Disaster Recovery Solutions for HPE-UX provides application restoration and data recovery in minutes. ServiceGuard is second to none when it comes to comprehensive protection against hardware, software, virtualization, network and storage faults.

    • Failover recovery time in just a few minutes across any distance.
    • Protection on all HPE Integrity Rack Mount servers and BladeSystems.
    • Downtime is reduced to zero during maintenance and upgrades through a rolling update process.

    ServiceGuard clusters remove single points of failure and deliver high availability with redundant hardware. HPE ServiceGuard clustering software packages a critical service, for an application or a database, with its associated resources. It monitors the entire package for faults in hardware, software, operating systems, virtualization layers, network, and storage.

    Does this sound like your ideal environment? Contact Comport for a more detailed picture.

  • Comport can provide you with a host of highly innovative, HPE driven x86 mission critical solutions.

    For starters, there’s HPE’s 4 socket and above scalable ProLiant x86-based solutions. These systems provide a scalable, high-performance industry-standard system built for the most demanding Linux® and Windows® workloads.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise ServiceGuard Disaster Recovery Solutions for Linux provides application restoration and data recovery in minutes:

    • Failover recovery time in just a few minutes across any distance.
    • Protection on all HPE ProLiant, Gen8 and G7 Rack Mount servers and BladeSystems.
    • Downtime is reduced to zero during maintenance and upgrades.


  • For over three decades OpenVMS operating system by Hewlett Packard Enterprise has made history. Now it’s better than ever, running on the most modern, advanced technology available – HPE Integrity servers, including the latest HPE Integrity BladeSystem servers.

    OpenVMS powers some of the most critical applications around the world including:

    • Processing trillions of financial transactions.
    • Sending over two-thirds of the world’s text messages.
    • Keeping hospitals and their clinical systems up and running.
    • Coordinating government and defense operations.
    • Controlling the manufacture of over 90% of the world’s microprocessors.

    We’d like to discuss your specific situation.  Please contact Comport.

  • In keeping with our mission of providing what’s best for each and every client, Comport will design and deploy solutions to support the needs of your mission-critical Microsoft environments.

    • SQL Server databases
    • .NET
    • SharePoint
    • Exchange

    Our expertise in virtualization including VMware and Hyper-V can be an important element in the planning and architecture process as well.