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Information Management

If you were responsible for lowering the cost of storing data…and you saw these industry averages:

  • 80% of corporate data is file data (unstructured data)
  • 85% of file data is inactive (very low demand)
  • 97% of inactive data is never touched again!

Would you continue to buy more storage for data that will never be used?

Comport can help you significantly reduce file and content storage costs, plus file and content backup costs. We deliver customized solutions to accomplish this through:

  • Utilization of the most expensive tier of storage for active data
  • Reducing the need for backup to active data only
  • Intelligent, policy-based automation of data asset placement on block, file and content (object) storage

Enterprise Strategies that Simplify your IT Environment and Reduce Costs

Comport will help you adopt the right infrastructure for your Repository to scale for future workload and capacity requirements.  The best standards-based components to build a distributed, centrally managed storage architecture running file management and archiving software in a virtualized environment will be selected.  There will usually be two main components:

  • Active Repository – File and Object oriented, with automated multi-tier storage
  • Deep Archive – Lowest cost, nearline/offline storage for inactive data objects

We will also help establish automated management and governance practices for enterprise information throughout its full lifecycle. This includes:

  • Policy engine and enhanced metadata based query of files and objects
  • Custom metadata capture and index/search capability for all objects

Archive First: Reduce the Cost of Storing Data

Leverage the benefits of a single intelligent, virtualized Repository to reduce your storage costs, improve operational efficiencies and mitigate risk. Our file and object repository solutions provide:

  • Seamless, cost-effective integration of block, file and content solutions
  • Automated migration, intelligent tiering and reliable replication
  • Efficient, scalable management of unstructured data growth
  • Archiving Platforms
  • Optimize Backup & Recovery Operations
  • Legacy Data Rescue & Migration Service
  • The results of implementing an Archiving Platform can be immense.  One client stated “We needed an Archiving Platform even more than we anticipated. It’s a big data life saver.” Comport has invested heavily in R&D, people and technology to develop leading-edge solutions for:

    • File System Optimization through rules-based placement of data in a multi-tiered repository (active, object-based storage)
    • Capture and authentication of business data at its source (end-user, machine)
    • Protection of Intellectual Assets throughout their useful life and automating the process of identifying data that can be purged from the business
    • Automated IT infrastructure designed to handle long data lifecycles
  • The Active Repository protects the data written to it according to the policies you determined to make it available to the business for as long as required, and with acceptable responsiveness.  The Repository’s active archive and deep archive layers protect against data corruption, media failure, hardware obsolescence, network interruptions and even site disasters.  Therefore, the backup/recovery planning and processes will now only address the active file systems data and structured content.

    The super-scalable enterprise repository we designed for your needs has all the security and responsiveness to handle your back-up data sets just as it does any other inactive file object…so the same infrastructure is used to manage your back-up data set rotations as a VTL would.  Using tape libraries as part of the deep archive in more than one Repository site ensures that you are adhering to your recovery requirements, without all the manual effort.

  • Freeing legacy data is one of Comport’s core competencies.

    By and large, preserving data in its original form, for future use and for Big Data Analytics, offers a tremendous ROI. We have helped many customers free legacy data from proprietary file systems, obsolete media and devices (optical, tape, CAS systems, etc.) This body of data can be screened for business relevance and regulatory/legal compliance requirements, and then retained in the enterprise active archive.