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Converged Infrastructure

For over 30 years Comport has specialized in modernizing IT infrastructure solutions for leading organizations and institutions that rely on their Data Center every second of every day. As an award-winning Hewlett Packard Enterprise Platinum Partner, one of only dozens in the US, we are fluent in assessing, designing, and deploying enterprise solutions.  We heavily invest in our HPE relationship, sitting on Technology Councils and in specialized training.

Over time IT solutions evolve. Today, Comport sees the power of Converged Infrastructures to eliminate traditional IT silos across the organization, and replace them with a centralized, single solution.  Converged infrastructure centralizes the management of IT resources to consolidate systems, increase resource utilization rates, and lower costs. These objectives are enabled by the creation of pools of computers, storage and networking resources that can be shared by multiple applications and managed in a collective manner, using policy-driven processes. We believe that the benefits of Convergence are overwhelming, and ideal to meet today’s computing challenges.

In addition to our own expertise, we invest in strong Partnerships with leading technology companies, to provide you with “best of the best” solutions.  We support our technical teams to obtain certifications and training, so we can keep you abreast of the many changes and developments that will benefit your organization.

When you are looking to optimize and simplify your data center, and provide the agility and efficiencies needed to support your changing business requirements, look to Comport as your best technology partner.  That’s what we do best!


  • Servers & Blades
  • Storage
  • Backup & Data Protection
  • Networking
  • The rapid proliferation of hardware has created management and sustainability issues. Today there are advances in Blade and Server technologies that turn the tide. To provide these advantages to your organization, Comport partners with the market and technology leader, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. We intimately understand the entire line of HPE converged infrastructure, from storage arrays to servers and blades. We use that knowledge to architect highly customized solutions to help you keep up with the volume, velocity and variety of data growth in your organization.

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise line of intelligent servers is revolutionizing the economics and expectations of the modern data center. HPE ProLiant features customer-driven innovations that deliver built-in intelligence and automation to span any IT compute requirement.

    Some exciting advances include:

    • Rapid expansion and quick provisioning of servers to seamlessly support data growth
    • Servers to support new enterprise computing needs, such as Hadoop clusters on HPE Converged Infrastructure platforms with management tools
    • Highly dense servers in a limited footprint
    • Software-defined servers
    • Consolidation of multiple applications on a single server

    It’s a good time to get an update from Comport on what’s possible prior to your next refresh or acquisition.

    Business Critical Systems

    Mission-critical systems depend on reliable technology that does not go down. Redundant systems, disaster recovery, reliable backup and recovery are all imperative. Comport has deep knowledge and experience developing enterprise-wide business critical system strategies, and we work closely with Hewlett Packard Enterprise experts as well.

    The HPE Integrity platform provides an innovative combination of mission-critical availability, virtualization, and scalability with simplified system management and workload flexibility. Comport’s deep relationship with Hewlett Packard Enterprise allows us to work on your behalf to provide leading-edge technology at cost-effective prices.


    Virtualized systems are configured around pooled resources:  processors, memory, centralized disk storage, network connections.  Servers are created as needed, and resources are shared as needed. With few exceptions, applications as well as end-users cannot distinguish between a virtual server and a dedicated server. The benefits of virtualization are numerous, and organizations have varying levels of virtualization in place.

    Virtualization is a core competency of Comport. We are experienced in both VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. We architect our solutions to support your virtualized environments according to best practices, with the stability and performance of industry-leading HPE platforms.


    Comport creates meaningful options for your computing infrastructure.  We will assess your situation together. We will design on-premise server infrastructure when that best achieves your goals.  Other enterprises prefer to look into outsourcing to the Cloud.  For others a hybrid environment works best.  Comport will provide a sound, flexible Cloud strategy and implement it with Hewlett Packard Enterprise or another of our Cloud partners.

  • Comport has deep experience in storage solutions. We are seasoned experts, with more HPE Master SAN Architects on our team than just about anyone else. We see every day that storage silos are pervasive – but highly inefficient and no longer needed. The need today is for an Enterprise-wide storage strategy, with consolidated, tiered storage that supports business continuity requirements and is efficient in management, power, and footprint.  Enterprise storage reduces your budget and simplifies your environment.

    Comport is the technology partner who can help modernize and accelerate your journey to the modern IT storage solutions that your organization requires. Using products like Hewlett Packard Enterprise industry leading 3PAR platform, we will introduce you to a tiered, cost-effective approach to primary storage, archiving, data protection and retention with scalable, non-disruptive growth.

    Scality: Storage for Unstructured Data

    Gartner says that data volume is set to grow 800% over the next 5 years, and 80% will reside as unstructured data. Many large enterprises are burdened by a lack of low-cost, massively scalable storage. With 10 years of object storage design and implementation, Comport is also both a Scality Partner and an HPE Platinum Partner. Our experience is unmatched.

    Scality, HPE’s software-defined object and file storage solution, shifts storage from Tier 1 to web-scale. We will advise you on the fit for your enterprise, the business case and the benefits. Scality applies well to:

    • Commercial: Retail, Insurance, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Finance, Telecom, and Life Sciences
    • Healthcare: Compliant / vendor neutral archives for EMR, PACS (McKesson, Cerner, GE, Agfa, HPE MAS), care plans, population health, genomic files, etc.

    Use Cases

    • Active Archives of unstructured data at a cost point comparable to tape; tier 1 SAN/NAS offloads and back-up data sets.
    • Global Enterprise Cloud – a ubiquitous storage platform for ERP, Email, images, videos, etc.
      • Manufacturing: ERP, Design/Engineering, Product Service Records etc.
      • Finance/Insurance: compliant archives for transaction records, claims processing
      • Retail: CRM, marketing, CDN source for online retailing, etc.
    • Content Distribution – hi-definition media distribution at low cost
      • Media/Entertainment: video on demand, nDVr/nPVR
      • Publishing: gold copy archive, reference library, CDN source
    • Distributed & Parallel Computing Home Storage – “data lake” for business analytics across all industries, seismic data, consumer behavior data etc.

    Assessments & Migration 

    New technologies must be well-planned and understood before proceeding with upgrades or replacements.  Comport spends time assessing your current environment, as well as your future needs and strategic objectives. Once a solution design is accepted, a migration plan is developed to ensure a smooth and non-disruptive transition. This process yields a realization that things just seem to be running faster today than they did yesterday. When no one realizes that a significant upgrade just occurred, we know that we delivered.

  • Backup & Recovery

    Many data centers experience “backup hardships”:  backup windows that have gotten too long or negatively impact system performance, virtualized environments that cannot be handled successfully, older technologies that are too labor intensive for size of staff, or recovery times that are unacceptable for today’s business requirements. The good news is that Comport will put you in a position of safety.  We design and deliver centralized data protection and management across heterogeneous IT environments.

    Typical results include eliminating backup windows, accelerated recovery, RTO and RPO, roll back data instantly and integrate backup with disaster protection.  With Comport, you are quickly on the road to seamlessly integrate Enterprise Backup and Recovery Solutions into your current, 24×7, mission-critical data center environments.

    Read more.

    Veeam for Virtualized Environments

    Most of our clients need always-available IT. Veeam Backup & Replication is designed from the ground-up to excel in virtualized environments, and is deeply integrated with HPE infrastructure including StoreVirtual, StoreOnce and 3PAR. As a Veeam Gold Partner and HPE Platinum Partner, Comport’s Solution Architects will assess and help you design a cohesive strategy that meets the level of “always on” you need for your business to “carry on.”

    Business Continuity

    Your Enterprise storage platform has business continuity benefits as well, primarily in creating a data replication strategy.  We will be sure to discuss this step, as it ensures that you meet SLA’s and provide high availability to protect your business against downtime.  This is a powerful addition that you will want to take advantage of.

    Disaster Recovery

    Centralized storage provides many efficiencies in terms of utilization and speed.  Among the greatest benefits, however, is the ability to replicate large data nodes across diverse locations. This provides highly available systems for optimized business continuity and much greater options for disaster recovery.  Elimination of silos of data that need to be independently archived for DR purposes is essential in the modern infrastructure.  Backup nodes can be distributed over large geographic areas that provide rapid recovery in the event of a data center disaster.

  • By combining Aruba’s world-class wireless mobility solutions with HPE’s leading switching portfolio, Comport offers the simplest, most secure networking solutions to help enterprises easily deploy next-generation mobile networks.

    The network touches every aspect of the business. It is essential that your network infrastructure is up-to-date, reliable and secure. We help you sort through an ever-increasing array of products to achieve your business outcomes. See Gartner Magic Quadrant below.

    Aruba Wireless Networks

    A more agile and mobile workforce has forced organizations to re-think their wireless network infrastructures. Aruba has continually had the best wireless technology, the best customer experience, and the best overall value.

    To boost or add wireless capabilities and capacity requires a detailed network, security and VDI assessment along with careful planning. Comport guides you through the complexities of your network infrastructure initiatives, so you understand the reasoning behind our solutions. You’ll see new ways to automatically handle issues on smartphones, tablets and notebooks, and to ensure compliance with company security protocols.

    Aruba ClearPass Access Management

    ClearPass takes a fresh approach to solving mobility challenges. It gives IT a simpler way to build a foundation supporting enterprise-wide policies, strong security and enhanced user experience.

    ClearPass provides a window into your network and covers all your network security and access control requirements from a single platform. ClearPass provides complete views of mobile devices and users with total control over what they can access.

    For our customers with Cisco environments, ClearPass works with any vendor’s infrastructure and is easily extended to network security, business and IT systems you already have in place.

    Aruba Meridian

    Get your visitors exactly where they need to go with Aruba Meridian’s wayfinding capabilities. Meridian is ideal for venues such as hospitals, corporate campuses, museums, retail/malls, hotels, stadiums and transportation venues. Integrate Aruba Beacons with Meridian-powered apps to provide turn-by-turn directions with a glowing blue dot, or sending push-notifications based on a visitor’s real-time location.

    Datasheet with additional information, here.

    Campus Networks

    To accommodate the increasing need for mobility, enterprises need comprehensive, integrated and secure networking solutions to transition legacy systems to the wireless edge. With more virtualized applications and server-to-server traffic, our customers also require Top of Rack switch innovations that meet higher-performance server connectivity, convergence of Ethernet and storage traffic, the capability to handle virtual environments, and ultra-low-latency in a single device.

    We recommend switches that are part of the HPE FlexFabric solution, highly rated for delivering:

    • Simplification
    • Scalability
    • Automation

    Hewlett Packard/Aruba Networks Positioned in Leaders Quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Infrastructure for Fourth Consecutive Year *click image to enlarge*

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