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Cyber Security Services

Cyber-attacks and cyber-crime make headlines every day.  Often it’s high-profile organizations, such as retail chains, the US Government or financial institutions that make the news, but smaller organizations are targets just as often.  The nature of these attacks can vary in size, complexity and impact, but ultimately all can result in financial costs, lost productivity, stolen intellectual property and damage to brand and reputation.

In the face of this cybersecurity reality, many organizations need help building a cybersecurity risk mitigation strategy or developing effective plans to respond to a cyber-attack. Having the knowledge and expertise available to implement a strategic cybersecurity plan has become a necessity for all businesses.  Comport will provide the help you need to feel confident again.

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) as a Service
  • Cyber Security Risk Assessments
  • The need for a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is no longer exclusive to large, multi-national organizations, but applies equally to smaller and mid-size enterprises.  CISO as a Service provides strategic leadership and expert guidance, avoiding unaffordable CISO salaries and lack of availability.  CISO as a Service provides many benefits including:

    • An expert, unbiased assessment of your current security program
    • An assessment of your risk, compliance and security posture
    • The experience and capacity to align your security efforts and business goals
    • A leader to evaluate your current security team’s skills and effectiveness
    • Monthly deliverables to continuously improve your risk posture
    • Confidence that in the event of an incident, you’ll have the expertise available to effectively coordinate a response and take necessary actions
  • We offer a series of independent, highly customized deep Security Risk Assessments to uncover and mitigate areas of vulnerability.  Comport and our cyber security partner’s approach is based on industry standard cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST, FFIEC, and CIS CSC.  The Security Risk Assessments include:

    • Infrastructure Security Assessment including backups, archive and DR
    • Mobility/Wireless Security Architecture Assessment
    • Endpoint/Core Virtual Environment Security Assessment
    • Strategic Security Assessment

    Remediation recommendations are customized to your situation, and may include Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s leading security systems as well as other solutions.  Comport’s Security offerings also include Implementation services.