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Healthcare Services

In today’s professional services world, your healthcare partner’s knowledge and know-how are more than important— they are essential to your IT and clinical success.  Comport is well-prepared for the challenge!

  • Our engineers average 20-25 years of IT experience with industry leaders.
  • Comport has highest-level technical certifications in Healthcare, Cloud, Servers, Storage, Virtualization (VMware, Hyper-V), Backup & Recovery (HPE StoreOnce, VEEAM), Networking, and HPE-UX.
  • Comport’s concentration of HPE Master SAN Architects brings the highest-level skills to your storage and back-up strategies.

Our actions are guided by what’s right for our healthcare clients and their patients. We’ll speak up with ideas, and ask questions to understand your full requirements. We owe it to you to be proactive—so your Information Technology reliably supports your institution’s clinical excellence and critical business functions.


  • Storage Assessments
  • Storage & Server Migrations
  • Location-based applications in Healthcare
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise SAN HealthCheck
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Medical Archives
  • Virtualization
  • Installation
  • Storage complexity can be an ROI killer. Modern healthcare environments require premiere security to protect patient data, comply with HIPAA regulations, and avoid data breaches.  Storage must support high-availability systems with peak performance. Only HPE 3PAR StoreServ eliminates fragmented and complex silos with a single interoperable set of Tier-1 data services across midrange, enterprise, and performance optimized all-flash arrays.

    We offer two Storage Assessments:

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise NinjaThin Storage Assessment

    NinjaThin is a non-intrusive audit of your current storage infrastructure, at no cost. NinjaThin supports HPE’s “Get Thin” Guarantee: a 50% reduction in storage capacity requirements when you move from legacy storage to HPE 3PAR StoreServ. You’ll receive a detailed storage efficiency report containing an audit of your current storage, utilization ratios and stranded capacity, and recommended TCO saving strategies in capacity, power, data center and floor space.

    Unstructured Data Assessment

    The burgeoning growth of unstructured data in distributed IT environments increases expensive primary storage, for files that may be of low – or no – value to the clinical enterprise. Storage of this data on storage pools with SLAs designed for high-value data increases costs unnecessarily, prolongs backup operations and can impact retention policies. Also, with e-discovery laws, keeping data longer than required can introduce unnecessary liability.

    Suitable for even the most complex unstructured storage environments, this Assessment is a deep dive into disk utilization, file age, space consumption by file type, duplication and more. The resulting data is the basis for a roadmap for the development and implementation of a formal Unstructured Data Management strategy. This roadmap is used to make informed decisions about storage usage, forecasting hardware/software acquisitions, meeting backup windows, aligning back-up and recovery operations with business requirements, and developing appropriate data retention policies.

  • Sometime you must migrate – from third-party storage, from older HPE storage to 3 PAR, or from older servers or virtualized environments to new.  Comport ensures a smooth transition, so you can take advantage of the cost, performance, scalability, reduced footprint, energy savings and enhanced functionality available with modern storage and servers.

  • Improving Patient & Customer Experiences by Bridging Physical and Digital

    A factory floor manager needs the ability to track all inventory as it goes from manufacturing to shipping. A traveler needs to navigate from one airport terminal to another (including a stop at a bathroom without a long line). A nurse needs to find the nearest wheelchair in the hospital. Location-based applications solve each of these scenarios. LBS solutions are about increasing efficiency, engaging customers or patients and employees creatively and intelligently, using data analytics to modify and adjust business services.

    In the case of hospitals, making patients and visitors happier leads to higher patient HCAHPS scores,  and higher reimbursements. When a patient is looking for a specific doctor, lab or parking garage in a large complex wayfinding helps. Gift shop items and food/beverage can be delivered. Patient issues can be quickly resolved and limited equipment quickly located.  This is truly an enabling technology for patient experience.

    While early LBS solutions required GPS positioning (and therefore needed to be outdoors), our next-generation locator technologies devices removed that limitation. We specialize in the implementation of Aruba Networks wi-fi based systems that assist any public-facing enterprise (from casinos to hospitals, stores, museums, and campuses) which create opportunities such as:

    • Locate and track critical devices, inventory or people
    • Deliver wayfinding
    • Deliver place-specific content via a customized mobile app
    • Analyze traffic flow, dwell times, and campaign effectiveness
    • Consolidate apps, for a single, successful experience

    With LBS, we help enterprises discover ways to enhance customer or patient engagement, generate revenue, and streamline workflows and efficiencies.

  • Our SAN Health Check quickly determines if your HPE SAN environment is up-to-date with the latest supported firmware, driver and software versions, and conforms to best practices.  We also provide a managed service to keep your SAN’s current, along with staff augmentation as required to ensure your storage network is tuned and performing optimally.

  • What’s the cost to your business if you are down for a week, a day or just hours?  More importantly, what is the risk to your patients?  With the proliferation of EHRs, CPOE, medication systems and clinical rules processing, tolerance for downtime is measured in minutes.  As part of an upgrade or refresh we can assess your environment, analyze your requirements and recommend ways to make your IT more robust including array and host-based synchronous and asynchronous data replication between primary and DR sites.

  • For many years Comport has worked with the HPE Medical Archive Solution/NetApp StorageGrid.  We are experts and can configure, install and support your medical image archives, document imaging, video images, and electronic medical records providing necessary redundancy, encryption and scalability. You may also be interested in our managed service, to handle ongoing support.

  • Virtualization brings huge efficiencies and is a core competency of Comport.  The ability to replicate servers instantly, provide redundant systems for immediate fail-over, and provision required hardware as needed creates an environment that is protected and cost-effective.  We work with VMware or Hyper-V environments to:

    • Develop a consolidation assessment (blueprint) to virtualize current capacity.
    • Install and implement your entire VMWare or Hyper-V environment.
    • Perform a Virtualization HealthCheck to ensure best practices, for a stable environment.
    • Upgrade or expand your environment.
    • Plan your private or hybrid cloud strategies and build out implementations.
  • As you roll out new systems or applications, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Installation and Implementation Services help you get there faster, with less impact on your staff and less risk to your patients.  As an HPE ServiceOne partner Comport makes sure that your HPE servers, storage, cloud and virtualization are successfully designed and implemented.