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The Vital Signs of Healthy Infrastructure

The quality of care that our patients deserve and the improvements in efficiency that our Healthcare Systems require begin with applications that are well-designed, stable, support workflow optimization and ultimately improve patient care. The best applications, however, cannot bring full value and reliability when they are saddled with insufficient or misconfigured IT infrastructure. Healthy infrastructure is essential to provide an IT environment that is:


Healthcare Application Platform Infrastructure Comport


Our efforts go far beyond selling hardware. Comport has invested in Solution Architects who have worked in the Application Platform environments for various EMRs, PACS, and integration environments. We understand both clinical workflow and IT, and the implications of each on the other. We understand that application silos proliferate, and we present options to consolidate and eliminate these cost and operational inefficiencies. We ensure that infrastructure is well-designed, well-implemented and well-supported.


Application Platforms

We work closely with many application providers on roadmaps, POC’s, and solution strategies for refreshes, upgrades and new implementations. In addition, our close Platinum partnership with Hewlett Packard Enterprise allows us to bring the full benefits and resources of the world’s most innovative and largest IT provider to our customers. Comport has expertise to design optimal infrastructure for the following Application Platforms:


Patient Care and Operational Benefits

  • Comport Healthcare Solutions brings both IT and clinical workflow expertise to ensure that:

  • Application uptime requirements are met at the levels healthcare providers require for top performance in a digital world.

  • Backups meet the windows appropriate for patient data availability and protection.

  • Disaster recovery is considered; it can often be designed in.

  • Security is ensured, to avoid PHI breaches, fines, and penalties.

  • Seamless non-disruptive growth and other benefits of Converged Infrastructure are available.

  • Reference architectures and best practices are followed, for smooth operations.

Your World-Class Infrastructure

Have our proficient team assess and plan your path to world-class infrastructure and cost containment. We help understand, define, architect, acquire, and implement through:

  • Infrastructure Assessments
  • Reference Architectures
  • Infrastructure Consolidations
  • Ongoing Engineer Training for in-depth expertise
  • Capacity planning for seamless future growth
  • Refresh/Upgrades/Lifecycle Management

Whether you support a healthcare application development environment, an integrated delivery system, a hospital or an ACO, we have the skills to explore your fundamentals of a healthy infrastructure, and to become your trusted IT partner.