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Cloud Services

The risk of losing data, incurring downtime and exposing the organization to ransomware is very real. Yet existing Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions are so difficult, unreliable and expensive that many organizations remain unprepared. Now we have a sound alternative – ComportSecure.

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  • Backup as a Service
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Data Integrity & Data Center Security
  • What About Support?
  • You made a great decision to back up your virtual servers with Veeam.

    Your next great decision is ComportSecure, to further protect your enterprise with off-site and offline Veeam backups to the cloud.

    ComportSecure helps satisfy the 3-2-1 backup rule: 3 copies of data, 2 different media, 1 copy off-site.  Your ComportSecure backup also establishes an air gap, helpful in avoiding increasingly common ransomware demands.


    Extremely Powerful. Extremely Reliable. Extremely Easy.

    Simply choose ComportSecure as your service provider and point your VM backups.  As usual, you control your backup schedule and the virtual machines, files, databases, and applications you are protecting.  Veeam CloudConnect provides a fully integrated, fast, and secure backup at ComportSecure’s fully redundant, state-of-the-art facility.  View your backups at any time from your ComportSecure portal.

    The bottom line: vastly improved cloud-based protection, at a predictable monthly charge, from an award-winning industry leader.


    ComportSecure Advantages vs Off-Site Backup to Tape

    Using ComportSecure for off-site backups saves time and money over backing up to tape. ComportSecure avoids:

    • Variable recovery time for tapes to arrive from storage
    • Lack of restore testing and reporting
    • Cost of tapes
    • Obsolescence of tape standards
    • Degradation of magnetic tape over time
  • Disaster Recovery has come a long way; with the right plans and procedures in place, IT can guide an organization through a would-be disaster as if nothing ever happened.

    Still, traditional DR is expensive, time-consuming, complex, uncertain – and unavailable to most organizations. But with ComportSecure, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.


    Easy, Secure, Reliable Disaster Recovery with ComportSecure & Veeam

    Rapid restoration in the event of a disaster requires both frequent backups and continuous transference (replication) of critical virtual machines. ComportSecure works in conjunction with the Veeam Availability Suite, and can provide Recovery Time Objectives (RTO’s) <15 minutes.  Flexible options meet your needs, including:

    • BaaS – Backups only
    • DRaaS – Replication only
    • BaaS and DRaaS – Both Backups and Replication
    • Consultation


    Full or Partial Failover

    Clients can fully failover to replicated VMs (Complete DR) or partially failover (Partial DR) to ComportSecure compute infrastructure. Failback can be to the original location or to new infrastructure.  Replication is scalable to as many VM’s, databases, storage systems, and sites as you need, regardless of vendor.


    Data Security

    TLS/SSL end-to-end encryption in flight is provided.



    WAN Acceleration is available for low-bandwidth links to Veeam Cloud Connect targets. We help get your replicas off-site faster and may save bandwidth.

  • We are committed to the safety, security, integrity and availability of your data.


    Data Integrity

    ComportSecure has integrated best practices to provide our clients with a secure and robust environment to protect Data Integrity. ComportSecure provides the following defenses for clients of our Cloud services:

    • Network Segmentation – At a Secure off-site location
    • Segmented Backup – Provides network air gap
    • File Server User Access Control
    • Near Continuous Data Protection (NCDP) – Replication / DRaaS


    Data Center Security

    We are proud to host tours of our data center; we encourage your team to schedule a tour soon.

    Our Tier 3+ Data Center security practices include:

    • Monitoring 24 hours / day, 7 days / week, 365 days / year
    • Access restricted to only authorized personnel via access cards and biometric scanners with a mantrap design
    • Axis IP-Based interior and exterior surveillance cameras with 90 days’ retention
    • Gated perimeter with camera and call box at the primary entryway
    • Entrance and exit controlled by HID contactless access control cards

    Additional Data Center protections include:

    • Support for high-density power and cooling for large server configurations
    • N+1 Data Center Cooling and UPS backup power
    • Generators systems with onsite fuel reserves
    • A + B Power distribution located on the Data Center floor
    • Pre-action fire suppression systems
    • Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly inspections of electrical infrastructure
  • When everything is going well, support may not be top of mind. But let’s face it – in this business, when you need support, you may REALLY need it.

    We’ve planned for that. We’ve got you covered.


    Support (BaaS and DRaaS)

    • 24x7x365 NOC
    • 24x7x365 Online Ticketing System
    • 1-800 number and support e-mail
    • Response SLA for restore from 2 hours to 8 hours, based on subscription tier level


    Extreme Qualifications

    • As a Veeam Gold Partner and HPE Platinum Partner, we know how to architect customized backup solutions for highly demanding environments. We’ve worked for hospitals, financial services firms, and huge online businesses: they can’t be down, and neither can you.
    • We have more VMCE’s – highly trained Veeam Certified Engineers – than almost anyone in the industry.
    • Technical certifications include Veeam 7, 8, and 9.
    • Most of our sales team members are also trained Veeam-certified Technical Sales Professionals (VMTSPs).
    • We hold memberships by invitation on Veeam’s Partner Advisory Council and Technical Advisory Board.


    Useful Services

    When you need help, make sure to speak up and discuss your needs with ComportSecure.  We can tap into our many resources to help solve problems.

    • Free Veeam backup assessments, to identify bottlenecks and potential issues
    • Backup and Virtualization Assessments, often at reduced or no charge, on a qualified, case-by-case basis
    • Managed Veeam-based backup services for clients that do not own or have the staff to operate their backup environment; these services also include an Opex-based backup solution
    • For Managed Backup clients: 24x7x365 support, including a portal-based ticketing system and dedicated email and phone number