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Solution Center

Comport’s Solution Center is a ready-state facility for staging, integration testing, proof-of-concept, functionality evaluations and a variety of demonstrations.  Many of the products we sell are housed in the Solution Center, including HPE 3PAR storage, BladeSystems and VMware.  As one of very few certified Hewlett Packard Enterprise Cloud Centers of Excellence, Comport’s CloudSystem for private and hybrid clouds also resides in the Solution Center.

Comport’s clients enjoy spending time at the Solutions Center to validate proof-of-concept, making sure every custom-crafted solution performs exactly as anticipated before we install it in your facility.  We minimize disruption to your environment by opening boxes, verifying the order, checking for issues, and consolidating so that you receive as close to a turn-key shipment as possible.  At your convenience, you can use the pre-staged environment for application testing or other custom integration testing. To quote one of our customers:

 “Comport handled everything from procurement to installation and configuration, and had the environment ready to go before my staff had to lift a finger.  We were able to thoroughly test our mission-critical applications in the new environment with zero risk to our production environment.  Having ‘kicked the tires’ and approved a go-live in our own facility, the Comport staff packed it all up and delivered it to our site.  It was the most ideal pre-staging exercise that I have experienced.”